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"It's time to step into the unseen, to do something we have not done before; to do something only He can do."
Yorick Broom

At The Gathering we are blessed to call two faithful and obedient workers our pastors.

Yorick and Carol Broom are the founders and pastors of The Gathering Church. Revivalists, who are ploughing into the soil of the South, they have recently moved to Risana with their sons Bryce (14) and Jotham (12).

This beautiful family shifts the atmosphere everywhere that they go and their hearts of love and compassion are evident to all they meet. Relationships are key to their ministry and they have spent years building a good, solid foundation for The Gathering, trusting the Lord with every step.

In 1997 the Lord gave this special couple the scripture, Matthew 6:33 which says , "Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you." This scripture is foundational to their call as a couple and family.

2009 Yorick and Carol (separately) each heard the call to start a church in the South. Two years later they were given the word “pioneering” and to look out for "Jan Van Riebeeck Street". The Sunday after being given these words they were driving around Alberton and came across Van Riebeeck Avenue. They found a church and entered. During the service, the guest speaker prophesied, "Today a son has arrived in Alberton who will bring revival to the South!" This was not the first time the Brooms were given this prophetic word so they knew that God was confirming His will for them.

Choosing to step out in faith and obedience, the Broom family came to the South every Sunday, treasure hunting. They spent time declaring God’s truth over the area and imparting to people as God showed them.

Carol then had a dream that Yorick was preaching and in the dream the scripture he was reading spoke of going to the South. When she awoke she discovered Psalm 126 vs 4, "Turn to freedom our captivity and restore our fortunes, O Lord, as the streams in the South are restored." This was the beginning of the culmination of words that had been prophesied over Yorick as a Shepherd of shepherds.

Several months later, the Lord provided a venue for the church.Many encouraging words have been spoken over The Gathering by prophets from around the world. It has been prophesied that The Gathering carries the presence of God and that people will be restored and the youth will come in droves. It has been said that the doors are wide open in the South, ready for revival.

Carol and Yorick desire to see people move into freedom, in real relationship with God. They long to help people understand who Christ really is and who they are in Him, reigniting the truth that God is good.

The Gathering is a family and Yorick often reminds us that family can be messy. As we learn who we are, we will impact our community and South Africa with the reality of a loving Heavenly Father.

"Holy Spirit removes our "dross" when we go through the Refiner's fire and He presents us as pure to the Father."
Yorick Broom

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