1. Leading others into His presence

There is nothing like the presence of God and Gathering worship is first and foremost about encountering His presence and leading others into an encounter. We are not about performance and we're willing to take risks because this is part of learning to not stop the flow of Holy Spirit.

We believe that true worship is a call to come up higher (see Song of Songs, Chapter 3&4).

In Song of Solomon chapter 4 the Bride hears The Bridegroom's voice in her dreams. He has come to her in a new realm, in the realm of the heavenlies. This is where He wants to take her. When she finally responds, she does not go deeper into the spirit, instead she rouses herself back into the realm of the senses and begins to search for Him in the city. In her search she encounters the elders who beat her, but she takes the beating, still looking for her beloved. The Brides to be come to her and ask her why she doesn't settle for another, why is she fixated on Him?

In this moment; beaten, bruised and seemingly abandoned, she begins to focus on Him as she tells of His virtues and wonders. As she meditates on him, she is lifted - and so are her friends. Finally they say to her

"Where is your Beloved?
Show Him to us, for we want to see Him also."

Those who watch the bride and see her great love for Him, are quite naturally drawn to seek Him too. This, quite simply, is the act of leading worship. As we are wrapped up in adoring Him, others are drawn to seek him Him, too.

2. We are His delight!

Finally, The Bride who has searched for her beloved is overcome by a revelation: "My Beloved always retreats to His garden when He needs to be alone. I can find Him in His garden!"

"But wait," she gasps in realization "I AM His garden . He is WITHIN me!"

We are the place that He goes to 'drink of His wine' and to 'eat his sweet spices'. In Chapter 6 the Lover says, "Turn you eyes from me, I cannot take anymore. I am overcome by one glance."

Regardless of how deep we go in worship, aside from how much we enjoy His Presence, it is He, the Great Lover of our Souls, who enjoys those times the most because we are His Garden and the delight of His heart.

3. A new sound

At The Gathering Church we long to take people straight into the throne room, without striving. We are not about formula. He is calling us to the new. We are called to release the Psalmist ministry with new songs of healing and deliverance . The new requires a deeper surrender and trust as we obey Him, often unsure of what the "new" looks and sounds like.

The Lord gave Carol Broom 5 keys for going higher with Him:

1. Worship (1Corinthians 10:31 "Whatever you do, do it for the glory of God").

2. We are called to be atmosphere shifters. We can change the atmosphere wherever we go!

3. Provision. God is the pro at providing for the vision. We need to dream with God.

4. We need to step past complacency and comfort into the unknown. His presence may offend us. We don't know where it will lead but we know that He wants us to continually renew our minds.

5. We can operate from position because we are seated in heavenly places with Christ. None of the doors will open if we strive to make it happen. God does it all!

4. A Lifestyle of Worship

As worship leaders we seek a lifestyle of worship; everything we do is unto Him. We want to be at His feet.

The story of Martha and Mary perfectly captures God’s pure love. Martha worked so hard to get every little detail right for Jesus. She was striving; whether she realized it or not, she was trying to impress Him and earn His love. She thought He cared about how perfect, clean and comfortable His visit to her home would be. She didn’t realize that His love was so pure that the only thing He wanted was to spend time with her.

Mary, on the other hand, understood His deep, pure love for her. Her loving response of sitting at the feet of Jesus and spending time with Him came from a heart that had grasped His pure love for her. She didn't need to compare and compete. Mary knew Jesus loved her for who she was. Her identity in Him was secure; she rested with him. Sometimes we see rest as lazing around, doing nothing but true rest is sitting at the feet of Jesus.

Worship is an expression of honesty between our hearts and God’s heart. It’s an exchange of pure love. We receive and experience His love for us and cannot help but give it back to Him.

Do we view our worship the way Martha viewed her housework? Do we ever worship God like we’re trying to impress Him? It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that our worship has to be just right before God will meet with us. When we worship this way, it can become about formula. It can lead us to idolize our songs and to focus too much on what we’re singing and how things sound; all without a real heart connection.

We believe Father God is after our hearts. As we worship, we lay our hearts open before Him and allow Holy Spirit to move freely and do whatever He desires amongst His people.


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