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His light in my darkness (Poem by Cherie Coetzee vd Merwe)

I am worthy,
I am strong,
Like the leaves singing their song,
branches growing up to the sky,
where they dance in your true light,
I am up there resting and holding You,
as Your love makes me fly.

Up there with You I am free,
You have shown Me,
when I fell to my knees,
Only You can give me breath to live,
for Your Name is my Salvation,
my heart,
my bread.

Nothing matters,
without Your hands holding me up,
so that I can stand,
and share with others what I have seen,
that You saved me my Lord,
my King.

The darkness of the enemy had pulled me down, but that was when I realized,
I was wearing a Crown.

Even when I could not anymore,
and I should have fallen,
You catched me and showed me,
the blessings in all my pain and sorrow, because that feeling,
made me step closer then I’ve ever been,
to understanding I am nothing,
if I don’t have You within.

So I say again I am worthy,
and I am strong,
I am made in your image,
and No enemy can make that fact wrong.
I am guilty in listening to fear,
but even then , you healed me, held me
and wisperd in my ear.

So I Thank you for all the good and the bad, because in the bad,
you’ve made it possible for me to see,
how my branches will grow,
my leaves will sing,
and I will move closer and closer,
to your heart,
to my king of kings.

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Meet us

At The Gathering we are blessed to call two faithful and obedient workers our pastors.

Yorick and Carol Broom are the founders and pastors of The Gathering Church. Revivalists, who are ploughing into the soil of the South, they have recently moved to Risana with their sons Bryce and Jotham.

This beautiful family shifts the atmosphere everywhere that they go and their hearts of love and compassion are evident to all they meet. Relationships are key to their ministry and they have spent years building a good, solid foundation for The Gathering, trusting the Lord with every step.

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Who we are

We love the presence of God. We are passionate for the things of God, the Word and Spirit. There is no limit to the goodness of God and seeing people realise this is such a joy for us as we pursue taking people from knowledge only to knowledge with experience. We are a group of Jesus lovers who love to express the creativity of our Daddy God who is the creator of all. Come experience the presence of God and express His Glory through Worship and freedom in creativity

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